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Tack and equipment ID


Girls Who Chip are now fully qualified to microchip saddles and id tack and equestrian equipment.

A microchip provides undisputable proof of identity and ownership. Without a chip your saddle and equipment could be lost forever and the thief would get away with it. The microchip is inexpensive and has a projected lifespan of 50-100 years. The microchip contains no lead solder and is therefore enviromentally friendly. Aswell and microchipping your equipment we also engrave and emboss the equipment with part of the unique microchip number. This is the first thing the Police will look for when checking stolen equipment as the microchip can be situated in several different locations.

The owners details are recorded on a national database which is approved by all the major Police forces in the country.


Price list


Single Items

Saddles £ P.O.A.

Girths £ P.O.A.

Hats £ P.O.A.

Body Protectors £ P.O.A.


If you have 2 or more items then we will be able to offer a discount.

Special rates will be available for yards and liveries.

Please contact us for further details about pricing and to book an appointment.

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